Pan-United Concrete Pte Ltd

Pan-United Concrete Pte Ltd is close to 12, Kaki Bukit Crescent, Kaki Bukit Techpark, Bedok, Northeast, SG-02, 410660

  • Address: 12 Kaki Bukit Cres, Singapore 416243
  • Phone: +65 6581 0777
  • Website:
  • Latitude, Longtitude: 1.3351827, 103.9062183

Pan-United Concrete Pte Ltd, opening hours today

Day of week Open Close
Monday 8:30 AM 6 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM 6 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM 6 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM 6 PM for the week
Friday 8:30 AM 6 PM
Pan-United Concrete Pte Ltd reviews

Poor time management

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2023-08-28 John

Poor time management. They were consistently late in delivering the ready mix concrete to our construction site. This caused delays and disruptions to our project schedule. It was frustrating and costly.

2023-08-28 Olivia

I had a terrible experience with Pan-United Concrete. The ready mix concrete they provided was of poor quality. It did not meet the required strength and had cracks after curing. I had to redo the entire concrete work, causing additional delays and expenses.

2023-08-28 William

Pan-United Concrete has a lack of communication with their customers. When I had queries or concerns, it was difficult to get in touch with their customer service. They were unresponsive and did not provide satisfactory answers. It was a frustrating experience dealing with them.

2023-09-12 Sophia

I was not impressed with Pan-United Concrete's service. They did not properly coordinate the delivery of the ready mix concrete. The truck arrived much later than scheduled, causing significant delays at our construction site. This lack of timeliness was unacceptable.

2023-09-17 Daniel

Pan-United Concrete's pricing for their ready mix concrete is way too high compared to other suppliers. Despite their claims of quality, I did not find any substantial difference in the product. I would not recommend them due to their overpriced services.

2023-09-22 Emily

I had a negative experience with Pan-United Concrete. They did not deliver the quantity of ready mix concrete that was ordered. We had to adjust our construction plans and make do with the insufficient amount provided. It caused unnecessary complications and an additional cost to buy more concrete from another supplier.

2023-09-27 James

Pan-United Concrete's ready mix concrete had inconsistent quality. Some batches were good, but others were filled with impurities and had poor workability. It was difficult to maintain a consistent level of quality throughout our construction project.

2023-10-02 Ava

I had a bad experience with Pan-United Concrete. They did not honor the agreed-upon delivery time for the ready mix concrete. We had workers waiting, and time was wasted due to their delay. It was a frustrating and unprofessional experience.

2023-10-07 Lucas

Pan-United Concrete's service was below par. The ready mix concrete they provided was not properly mixed, resulting in uneven curing. This affected the overall quality of our project and required additional repairs. It was a disappointing experience.

2023-10-12 Isabella

I was not satisfied with the customer service offered by Pan-United Concrete. They were unresponsive to my inquiries and did not provide proactive updates on the delivery of the ready mix concrete. It felt like they did not value their customers' time or concerns.

2023-10-17 Mason

Pan-United Concrete's ready mix concrete was of subpar quality. It had a lot of air pockets and was not properly mixed. This affected the strength and durability of our construction project. I would not recommend their concrete products.

2023-10-22 Lily

I had a negative experience with Pan-United Concrete. Their delivery of the ready mix concrete was consistently delayed, causing disruptions to our construction schedule. It was frustrating and made it difficult to meet project deadlines.

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